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The Center for Investigating Reporting (CIR) seeks to “empower the public through investigative journalism…in order to spark action, improve lives, and protect our democracy.”

For almost 40 years, the CIR has prided itself on setting and adhering to the highest journalistic standards while shining a bright light on injustice in order to protect the most vulnerable in society.

When this non-profit group of award-winning journalists publishes a project entitled “America’s Worst Charities,” it is something to be carefully monitored.

Here are some excerpts from their findings-

“Hundreds of charities claim to help those in need. But of the millions of dollars raised each year how much goes to cancer patients, disabled veterans and dying children? Almost nothing.

The 48 worst charities have raised more than $1 billion in the past 10 years, but only a fraction went to anyone other than the charities’ operators and professional solicitors.”


The charities on the list spent between 0% and 11.1% on direct cash aid. While millions of dollars were paid out to those soliciting on behalf of the organizations:

$935.6 million cash paid to solicitors while only $43.9 million went to direct cash aid.

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Click Here To View The List of America’s Worst Charities


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