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Passionate people want nothing more than for others to understand the drive and inspiration behind their passion. In addition to understanding, passionate people hope to inspire others to become just as passionate as they are.

Good ideas.

Good ideas that can change the world, or at least change a community, deserve attention. But how do you get attention? How do you inspire others to be passionate?

How do you jump-start a movement ?

The internet has made it easier than ever with viral content.

“If you can get something to go viral on the web, you can get a lot of exposure in a small amount of time without much effort,” says Elise Moreau, a trends expert at About Tech.

Viral content will help you get more traffic, more views, more subscribers, more engagement, and (in the case of those looking to inspire) hopefully more opportunities to inspire more people.

Before you can create content that will go viral you have to see the bigger picture and do the groundwork.

Here are 8 ways to jump start a movement (including doing the necessary groundwork) using the Donate A Dollar Day cause as an example:

  • Recognize A Need – We realized that people want to give and help others in their community but with the negative publicity of nonprofits in the news, people are wary about giving. People want to know that the money they donate is really going towards the cause they want to support.
  • Dream Up A Solution –  Donate A Dollar Day is a solution that addresses the need donors have in finding a local organization that is making a real difference. It also addresses the need for funding for smaller nonprofits that do not receive as much publicity as larger organizations.
  • Develop A Timeline – In order for any movement to move forward a timeline is necessary. The Donate A Dollar Team implements the use of timelines because it helps us to remain focused and helps us measure our progress.
  • Do The Work – Timelines are great but they don’t mean much if you don’t do the work. Once we developed our initial timeline we set to work. Our website does not officially launch until July 1st, 2015. However, for the last month we have been sending out emails to small non-profits inviting them to become an Approved DADD organization.
  • Spread The Word – Our goal is to get everyone to give a dollar (or more) on or before Saturday October 10th, 2015. Before we can reach everyone we have to reach those closest to us first and continue to spread the word.
    1. Create A Website
    2. Create and Regularly Update Social Media Channels
    3. Create and Send Out Press Releases
  • Get Creative – The best way to stand out is to get creative. There are no rules to limit your creativity. Here are a few ideas:
    1. Use Photos and Visual Content – Catch the eyes of web users using bold photos (or GIFs, or Memes)
    2. Make A Video – Have you met Steve? 
    3. Make A Song 
    4. Contact An Influencer – Whether Celebrity, Journalist, or Social Media Influencer you can jump start your movement by gaining the attention of one of these influencers and having them share your big idea with their massive audience.
  • Get Discovered –  Use keywords, tags, and hashtags to help people discover your movement. People are constantly typing in keywords and phrases and when you use these tags your content is more likely to show up in their search results.
  • Be Sincere – Starting a movement is different than starting a business. Inspiring others is not like selling a product. People want to know you are sincere before they can align themselves with your cause.

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