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Imagine what could happen if everyone got together and gave at least a dollar each to an active and trusted non-profit. Local communities like yours would be impacted significantly. To some, this may seem a broad, even an impossible, goal. We see it as worthy challenge, and we have decided to rise to the occasion and do our part to make such an event possible. We sincerely believe that just one dollar on one day of the year can change the world.

Please allow us to introduce you to the “Donate A Dollar Day” movement. On the second Saturday in October of every year, those who join the movement will give a dollar (or more) to a local organization of their choice. Donate a Dollar Day is a national movement with far-reaching local impact.

The Problem

In recent times, larger charities have been found guilty of not funneling the majority of their donations to their declared cause. For every dollar given to major charities as much as 10 cents goes towards administrative costs and upwards of 20 cents goes towards marketing efforts.

With total overhead (administrative costs, fundraising, marketing, building overhead, etc.) reaching upwards of 30 cents per dollar, people have increasing reservations about donating their money to these larger charities.

Our Mission

We believe altruism still exists.  We are dedicated to giving people a practical way to unite and share sincere goodwill throughout their communities. Our mission is to mobilize the people in your community to give to small non-profits and micro-charities that are making a real and tangible difference in the community.

Be A Part

Join us in spreading the word about the Donate A Dollar Movement. If your organization is considered a micro-charity or small nonprofit (grossing $500,000 a year or less), then we want to help spread the word about you! Become an approved organization and receive free exposure at no financial cost to you.

As an Approved Donate A Dollar Organization you will receive the following benefits:

  • Be included in the Donate A Dollar Day organization directory, which is organized by state and major cities with a link back to your website
  • Donations made directly to your nonprofit
  • The approval of a third party, including an “Approved Donate A Dollar Organization” stamp that can be displayed on your website or in your email newsletters, brochures, etc.
  • Exceptional organizations will also have the opportunity to be featured on our blog

Becoming a part of the Donate A Dollar movement offers excellent returns on an investment that will only require your time and some information from you. Benefits include visibility and an opportunity to demonstrate your organization’s interests and involvement in the community. It is a great way to gain exposure for your cause with a diverse audience.

Our promotion strategy includes the Donate A Dollar state-by-state directory on our website, feature posts highlighting different organizations, and leveraging social media channels including (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram). We also encourage you to share our mission with regular donors so that they can tell their friends.

As an approved organization you will have a unique opportunity to:

  • Increase donations
  • Establish your organization as a trusted nonprofit
  • Raise awareness of your organization’s cause and work in the community
  • Advertise your nonprofit’s leadership

Enclosed is an Approved Application form. Please complete the form and return it to us via email at your earliest convenience.


The Donate A Dollar Team


Email: info@donateadollarday.org

Website: www.donateadollarday.org

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