Imagine what could happen if everyone got together and each gave a dollar to an active, local non-profit. Communities would be significantly impacted.

Just one dollar on one day can change the world.

You read that right – One dollar, on one day, just once a year.

No catch.

Our Mission

Not another nonprofit. We believe altruism exists and we are dedicated to giving people like you a practical way to unite and share sincere goodwill throughout their communities.

Donate a Dollar Day is a national movement with far-reaching local impact. Every year, on the second Saturday of October, people like you will get together to make a change in their community by making an individual donation of one dollar (or more) to a local non-profit of their choice.

Our mission is to bring people together for the purpose of investing in their communities through altruistic giving once a year. We are mobilizing people like you to give to small non-profits and micro-charities that are making a real and tangible difference in the local community.

To assist people in committing to do their part, our team uses an application process to audit organizations; and handpicks local, high impact organizations that are trusted and use contributions to do the most good in their communities. We provide a directory by state of these organizations as well as feature organizations on our blog.

Donate A Dollar Day does not collect ANY donations.

When you give your dollar (or more) on the second Saturday of October, you will DONATE DIRECTLY to the organization of your choice.

We simply exist to let you know they exist so that you can help your community help your community.