Two ladies with laptops, a dollar, and a dream. 

ladylanaLana Reid

 Think Tank Extraordinaire

Lana Reid is a Los Angeles based award-winning author, life coach, professional speaker and syndicated host of the uniquely inspirational radio show Don’t Box Me In. When she’s not talking to strangers, or learning survival tips from her cat, this Think Tank Extraordinaire is busy working to create a better today to ensure a brighter tomorrow.

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IMG_1549Cara-Marie Findlay

Sterling Content Caretaker

Cara-Marie Findlay is an accomplished, Atlanta-based freelance writer and speaker. When she’s not busy furnishing her online address, or snorting from laughing too much, this Sterling Content Caretaker is harnessing the power of words and funneling them into do good actions to build a better global community action-brick by action-brick.

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